Manitoba Crocus


Winter and Spring have sure played a trick on us here in Wonka Wonka Woods. Since both a  mother-in-law and grandbaby showed up on January 28-29, we’ve had almost no snow, no cold nor any other sort of so-called BAD WEATHER.


Manitoba Crocus

That’s not to say that socks aren’t still de rigeur. It’s just that you need them only at night or when you venture into the basement for frozen food out of the freezer.

This time, our pattern pays homage to that hardy little darling, the Crocus. Every year we anticipate the tiny green shoots with hope. With crocus comes spring; new beginnings, warmth, sunshine, happiness…

When it seems that winter will never end the flower manages to push its way through the snow on the grassland in a wondrous explosion of colour.

This sock is a tribute to the Prairie Crocus, which has been Manitoba’s provincial flower for almost 100 years, with a simple repeating pattern it perfectly suits this robust plant. Gender neutral in design, the sock is as masculine or feminine as the yarn you choose to knit it with.


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