Blue Flags of Quebec

This month’s pattern features socks designed to commemorate a place that’s near and dear to my heart; my home province of Quebec.

Many associate the fleur de lis with Quebec, as it is represented on the provincial flag; what many don’t realize is that since 1999, the Blue Flag is the second flower chosen to
represent the province. Prior to 1999, the Madonna Lily was the provincial flower; however the Madonna Lily does not grow naturally in the province. Who knew?

The Blue Flag Iris is native to North America where it is common in meadows, marshes and along streambanks and shores.

Originally part of our Canadian Provincial Flower Pattern series, this pattern is available now to everyone. The pattern looks complicated but in reality it’s very intuitive. As awesome as it is in Blue Flag Iris colours (see the instructional pictures in the pattern for the true colours) these socks would be lovely in any colour.

Blue Flags of Quebec

Blue Flags of Quebec


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