Tis the Season and all that Malarkey

I’m not REALLY a bah humbug kinda person (well, underneath, maybe a bit, but up top…peaches and light all the way 🙂 ).

This year, it seems that the Holidays are creeping up without me noticing one way or the other. We are not decorating this year and due to budget constraints, I haven’t been on-line shopping since mid-summer like I usually do.

The She in We got a “real” job this summer, and that’s likely got a lot to do with how I haven’t blogged and we haven’t been on our game building devonshireKnots like we should have. That other business also took a lot of time; a lot more than we billed for, and a lot more than I’d hoped it would. Fortunately, we have eased ourselves out of that one and back into THIS one.

We fired up devonshireKnots Designs on Ravelry the other night. So far there’s only one pattern there but we will eventually migrate all the existing dK patterns and then the new ones onto this new store.

The Me in We promises (hand on heart) to be a better blogger in future. Just maybe not until all this Holiday Malarkey is over and done with.

*** and don’t get all “reason for the season on me”…I’m getting the reasoning down pat. It takes a bit of time.


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