Who has time?

Not that long ago, I was cheerfully knitting for a few hours every day. And by a few, I mean more than five. 🙂

Things were kind of slow at the day job, enabling me to concentrate on test knitting for devonshireKnots and still pretend to keep up with my  own knitting.

That all changed in February. The she in we and the me in we were talking one afternoon about how we loved working from home as opposed to being out in traffic with the rest of the rank and file. We talked ourselves into starting another business (coincidentally called devonshireSolutions, because, although we both have a modicum of imagination, apparently, it doesn’t stretch too far when it comes to naming our companies).

This time we decided to take it slowly; we didn’t rush out and buy a website domain or 2000 business cards; instead we focused on finding a client who was willing to be our guinea pig. This was the perfect client in many ways; she liked rebranding every few months; she didn’t know what she didn’t want, so we had carte blanche to create a new look as well as a logo. We opened up Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and website accounts for her. She loved everything we did and the catch phrase was, “Let’s go with it!”.

We got a sense of how much work was involved, and we found out pretty quickly that although she was very easy going, we had grossly underestimated the amount of time it would take to set up others and work with them. We adjusted our pricing and she STILL didn’t bat an eyelash.

THEN the time came for her to start paying for our services (as agreed upon verbally) and signing our contracts and then suddenly it was, well, I’m not sure I’m going to continue my business, but it’s been a slice!


That kicked us back a bit but undaunted, we soldiered on with our knitting. Good thing we hadn’t really invested very much in this venture other than our time and our egos.

Enter Ms. S. who called us out of the blue; a friend of ours had mentioned what we were trying to do and she was very interested in working with us. She wanted to meet with us about her side small business but she also wanted us to present to her main business which is almost 100 individuals all working under one umbrella.

All this to say…we suddenly have 3 paying clients, we’ve invested in a website, printed a few business cards at home (because who goes paper these days anyway?), created a blog (devonshireSolutions, but I’m not positive there’s anything there yet), Twitter account (@devonshireSolns), a Facebook account (Devonshire Solutions) and last but not least, a LinkedIn account.


Oh and should I say, during the time it took me to write this, I could have been doing all this for my client 🙂 I’m such a knotty gurl.


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