Road Trip Mind Meanders

I had a lot of time to think this past weekend. The Mr. and I drove a total of 2128 km to watch a sporting event. That’s a lot of kilometres. And that’s a lot of time to think. You’d think that would be a lot of time to knit, but unfortunately it’s “spring Heave” season here and that doesn’t just pertain to the roads; it also involves the people who are passengers in cars on these roads. Can we say car sick?

Someone please remember me to bring remedies next time I venture so far at this time of year.

Thus and such, there was minimal knitting on the trip down but I did manage to get quite a bit done on the trip back; just not on the pattern I was hoping to do. That pattern involved reading as I went along and I didn’t want to risk it.

Since I’m able to multi-task, I also spent quite a bit of time thinking. I thought about friends and family and friends’ families and families’ friends. I thought about people who are no longer friends for one reason or another. It’s a strange and sad thing that we end up losing touch with some people that we really liked, when the people we can’t stand to be near never seem to go away.

In Wonka Wonka Woods it’s spring because someone decided that an arbitrary day (something to do with equinox, as I understand it) meant that suddenly winter was over and Mother Earth was ready to renew.

That is very much so 1056 km away from here. Daffodils were in full bloom, hydrangeas were ready to bloom, crab-apple trees were in full foliage and a few hedges we saw very much resembled the bougainvillea we see in the tropics. People were in flip flops (although that happens here even with snow on the ground), shorts and light jackets.

Here, it’s still beige everywhere, we are still 2 months away from daffodils, leaves and flowers on fruit trees.

Remind me again why we choose to live here? It’s not a financial thing; at least I hope not. It’s definitely not for the weather, although we do have really quite wonderful weather. In spite of my words above, those aforementioned flowers and leaves – yeah they come at a cost. It rains there almost constantly; everyone commented on how wonderful the weather was – it’s pretty much the weather we see most of the time (just a few degrees cooler). It’s not for the beautiful architecture or history – this place is barely 100 years old.

It’s for the friendships and wonderful people that are here. People that are there when you need them and go away when you want to be alone…to let your mind meander.


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