Could it Be?

Could it be that after almost a year of part-time effort we are about t0 “make it big”?

To be sure, it’s hard to put a lot of full-time effort into a hobby that’s become a business and still pay the bills (well some of the bills). (And by some of the bills, I mean some of the bills some of the time). But the we in we have been doing our best. Some day’s it’s like running uphill in a snowstorm (wearing cement shoes). Other days, something randomly happens that knocks you for a loop and before you have a chance to look around and see where the blow originated, there’s a stranger holding out a hand to help you up. On these days, it’s like skipping down a hill trailing helium-filled balloons behind you.

The “she” in we was interviewed yesterday for a local free weekly newspaper. After this I’m going to go and check to see if it has the opportunity to turn into something further afield than local. Could it be our big break?

It could; why not? What’s to say that tomorrow someone who can influence others doesn’t “just happen” to be in our fair Wonka Wonka Woods and doesn’t “just happen” to need to read that free weekly paper. And what’s to say that this same someone is taken by the “she” in we’s beautiful hazel eyes and her witticisms within the article. What’s to say that they “just happen” to remember seeing the name somewhere, recall someone speaking highly of us and realize that they have the opportunity to discover the next best thing?

It could “just happen”.

It could. Cuz things “just happen” all the time.

It could be…


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