Might as Well…

I’ve got the “might as wells”.

It’s been a little too quiet around here for my liking; that gives me too much time to think. That is NEVER a good thing.

I’ve got knitting projects stashed all over the house but I can’t without guilt spend a week or so tying up loose ends (as it were). Can I?

May I?

2013-02-02 14.10.56 2013-02-12 20.29.12 2013-02-13 13.37.09

2013-02-19 13.49.31







Oh yes, please. And while I’m at it, I might as well do that ironing, vacuuming and closet purging I’ve been putting off. The freezer has some mystery items in it as well. If you can’t tell what it used to be, is it safe to eat? If you don’t recognize the plastic container it’s in, is it, in fact, yours? Should I wonder if my neighbours sneak into my home when I’m out and put their freezer-expedition artefacts into my deep freeze?

Of course not. I’m being silly. Do-lally even. 🙂

Well, before too much of this beautiful day slips away, I might as well go do something.

But what, I wonder….


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