Mind the Gap

This is a funny time of year; we’re all out there waiting for Winter to be over (unless we’re in the southern hemisphere, of course), just counting the moments until Spring. According to all the critters last week, Spring is coming early. What a lot of us forget is that Spring usually means unpredictable weather — way more unpredictable than Winter — long stretches of gloomy sunless days and lots of rain and brownness (before the leaves open and the flowers pop).

IMG00116-20101122-0847Here in Wonka Wonka Woods, it’s usually a couple of degrees cooler than the rest of the city; but then there are times that the winds come here first and warm everything up quite nicely. We are also lucky enough to be in the sunniest Winter city. It helps a lot that the house is lit up all day and if you stand by a window long enough, you have to fight the urge to get the sunscreen.

The spousal equivalent and I took a road trip this past weekend. Part of the way up we were listening to Alt Nation on Sirius-XM. I usually like that channel for short trips but on road trips (as everyone knows) there should be copious amounts of loud, off-key singing. When that station got to be enough even for S.E., he switched to Classic Rewind. I immediately started singing and then realized that it had been WEEKS (literally and figuratively) since I’d sung.


I know eh?

I have a month’s worth of songs on my various digital music providing thingies, the radio is almost always on in the car and we have satellite in both cars and in the house via internet. We also have satellite TV and they share countless (well, not really countless, but I’m not going to go and count them) commercial-free channels. My life used to be lived to a sound track.

When did that stop?

I decided to put iTunes on this morning. I just switched to Windows 8 and the interface is a bit different from Windows 7. It’s taking me a while to find out how to access some things. Instead of finding iTunes, I found xBox radio. I really wasn’t interested in hearing Justin Bieber or any of their other suggestions; but I did find my own music. I found my new P!nk CD. I recognize a few songs from the radio, but the rest of the CD is pretty good as well. A few more listens and I’ll know most of the songs. As I write this bit, she keeps saying over and over again, “These are the good old days…”


So anyway, not to go on and on about the weather, but while the rest of the Winter world has been inundated with snows and cold snaps and generally icky weather, we’re plugging along here…just waiting for that early Spring.

It’s just right there, you can almost see it. Mind the gap!


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