Tree Hugging


Tree Hugging in Wonka Wonka Woods

Well I don’t for a minute want you to think that I took this beautiful picture myself. Ms. S. took it the other day; we were doing a photo shoot for a free pattern we’re offering back at the website. Several on-line knitting class websites are offering double-knitting lessons. We happen to have a schwack of double-knitted patterns in our “trousseau”; so many, in fact, that today I modified the website so that they have their own tab. Now, wasn’t that nice of me?

I love nature; especially the suburban kind. Trees, flowers, birds, squirrels, bunnies and deer all living in perfect harmony. Except the deer and the bunnies eat the flowers and trees and we don’t have tall enough trees for squirrels yet. I happen to live in an area of town call Wonka Wonka Woods (the Wonka Wonka has been changed to protect my privacy). What I find particularly ironic is that the developer tore down all the trees to make a neighbourhood called Wonka Wonka Woods.

That tree I’m hugging in the picture? Plastic and metal. It’s part of the “jungle” gym the neighbourhood association had built so that the moms and dads in my neighbourhood could bring their kids to play. That’s pretty funny as well; you only ever see nannies with the kids; never any parents. Anyway — Ms S and I had to dodge a lot of deer and rabbit poop to get to the play structure. I don’t know if you can tell or not but my hands are pretty stressed out in that picture. 🙂

On a completely different subject, I was reading another blog earlier today (, and the author waxed poetic about how much work actually goes into pattern writing/publishing. Not a lot of people realize this and, outside of the copyright issues involved, it’s just unfair that people copy other people’s efforts without a thought for how much work is actually involved in the original work’s production.

I will get on my soapbox about this if I ever catch any of you plagiarizing our stuff. You will be outed…shamed, even…

And speaking of Shaming. Gryphon Katz, my beautiful Maine Coon sweetie, is burying his nose into his underarms as I write this, and making the most obnoxious noise. Just thought I’d share that with you. Feel free to share it with others; you have my permission.


2 comments on “Tree Hugging

  1. The mittens are adorable, thanks for sharing!


  2. You’re very welcome. Please let us know when you’ve completed them. If you’re on Ravelry, please link to the pattern so others can see what you’ve done. ENJOY!


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