Well, it’s about time…

Half of us (the I in we) at devonshireKnots just turned 50. Fifty is a pretty big number. Just saying….

It kind of snuck up on us…like a sunrise (or sunset), or the seasons, or income taxes. (INCOME TAXES? Where did THAT come from?)

Anyway, it did – just sneak up that is. Wasn’t it just last week/month/year that the I in we was 29? (and not the joking “29”, the real 29)?

The I in we still thinks of people in their 30’s as old. So how can the I in we have 20 years’ experience at being 30?


Smooch in Brisbane

Okay, enough whining about it. Fifty (so far) has been pretty fabulous. The I in we’s spousal equivalent threw a completely surprised party (for which he got a solid thump or two, both with and without a swinging purse), he purchased jewelry, flowers and a lovely dinner. And he even spent his bonus on an upcoming trip to Hawaii. Whatta guy eh? He deserves a peck on the cheek for that.

Okay spending an inordinate amount of time trying to get the text to wrap around the image. So it’s gone (it might be there when you read this; that means I’ve found a way to get the text to wrap around). I’m sort of dodging doing paid work right now, and I really shouldn’t be. Paid work, as the phrase implies, pays me.

Get on with it, you should be yelling at me.

I CAN’T HEAR YOU. La la laaaaah.

I might be 50, but I’m still a child inside.

Heavy sigh — I’m going to go and do paid work now. You’ve convinced me.

Happy New Year!


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