Are We Feeling Cheerful?

It’s amazing how fresh leaves, shoots and flowers instantly perk us up. Don’t know about where you are but here almost all the trees have sprouted leaves, the daffodils are up and any day now the crabapple will be awash with pretty little flowers and amazing bee-enticing smells.

This month’s sock pattern pays homage to daffodils and springtime. The sample sock was knit in a very pretty yellow yarn. The pattern alone is beautiful, but, just for a twist, instead of using Intarsia or Fair Isle techniques to embellish the plainish front, Sam chose to embroider a pretty blue “primrose”.

We have provided a chart to mimic the flower. It does not match the embroidery in the pattern. We hope that you’ll use your own imagination, colours and flowers to embellish your own socks. The Link to purchase the pattern is here.


As always please show your progress on Ravelry.

Happy MAY!


A Touch of Irish


Faith and Begorrah! It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day! In lieu of offering you a green beer, we are offering you a free sock pattern using coupon code “KissMe2017”,  available from Friday, March 10 through Friday, March 17, 2017. Simply click on the image to go directly to the check-out page.  Share your projects and Happy St. Paddy’s Day to you all!

Leah & Liam


It’s been quite a while since we’ve published a new pattern. The time just seems right now to fix that.

Leah & Liam is a seamless, top-down quick-knit boy-girl sweater in 4 sizes ranging from 6 months to 4 years, i.e., babes to pre-school age. This is an extremely cute sweater for your little one; ideal for a nearly new knitter with easy-to-follow instructions, including YouTube links. Did we mention it’s seamless?

As a special treat this pattern will be free on Saturday & Sunday January 28 and 29.  Just enter “Meadow” in the coupon/discount area and the pattern is yours.


Manitoba Crocus


Winter and Spring have sure played a trick on us here in Wonka Wonka Woods. Since both a  mother-in-law and grandbaby showed up on January 28-29, we’ve had almost no snow, no cold nor any other sort of so-called BAD WEATHER.


Manitoba Crocus

That’s not to say that socks aren’t still de rigeur. It’s just that you need them only at night or when you venture into the basement for frozen food out of the freezer.

This time, our pattern pays homage to that hardy little darling, the Crocus. Every year we anticipate the tiny green shoots with hope. With crocus comes spring; new beginnings, warmth, sunshine, happiness…

When it seems that winter will never end the flower manages to push its way through the snow on the grassland in a wondrous explosion of colour.

This sock is a tribute to the Prairie Crocus, which has been Manitoba’s provincial flower for almost 100 years, with a simple repeating pattern it perfectly suits this robust plant. Gender neutral in design, the sock is as masculine or feminine as the yarn you choose to knit it with.

Lady’s Slipper

This month’s sock offering is the Lady’s Slipper, named for the Prince Edward Island provincial flower.

For a better look, click here. The Lady’s Slipper blooms in spring and is found growing in the shade of the forest. Since it’s almost spring here, it’s time to peel off those bulky winter socks and dip our toes into some spring blooms…or at least wear lighter slippers.

In any event, enjoy!




Sun-Filled Snow Days


Sun-Filled Snow Days

Well, what was THAT?

Here, it snowed for at least 17 hours and all we had to show for it was a skiff of powdery (but kinda wet at the same time) white stuff.

Meanwhile on the Eastern Seaboard area of North America they got something referred to as snowmageddon. Now their temperatures are rising and all that snow’s going to melt…Yikes!

If we lived in that area (or basically any area, who are we kidding?), we’d surely want a nice relaxing lace knitting sock pattern to take our minds off what went on and will be going on outside. This month’s feature pattern is deceptively simple to knit; it’s the pretty picot cuff and sparkly yarn that give this sock its pizzazz!


Just a Bit of Woolgathering on a Cloudy Afternoon

This month’s feature is called Woolgathering, which is another word for daydreaming to most but if you’re a knitter it has all sorts of connotations.

This beautiful pattern was originally inspired by the blue eyes of an Inuit sled dog, but seemed just a bit fancy to be just keeping your calves warm. These leg warmers deserve cold-weather walks, coffee or hot cocoa by the fire and laughter with good friends. Or just curling up with your own thoughts and woolgathering.


Woolgathering Leg Warmers (check out the cute ladybug!)